GEEKED Magazine: Feminist Adventures in Media Creation

Creative women are literally all around. Women artists, writers, illustrators, film-makers and designers are marching all over the internets and throughout various forms of media, flashing their talents. And yet within big industries--like film or comics and graphic novels--women are still woefully under-represented.

GEEKED Magazine began when Art Director Sofia Hericson realized that all around her — amongst her friends, co-workers, and fellow artists — there were brilliant minds cultivating their own inspiring projects.With the help of Editor Samantha Langsdale, the We Geeked This Blog blossomed into GEEKED Magazine and now a community exists (both in print and online) where creative women (and a few rad dudes) can exhibit their works.

Join us to hear our story and for tips and helpful hints on how to create and grow your own feminist media.

Speakers: Sofia Hericson and Samantha Langsdale
Twitter: @GeekedMagazine