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This is the programme guide for Nine Worlds 2014, designed for use on phone, desktop and tablet browsers. We'll keep the programme and participant data up to date throughout the convention if anything changes.

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To find sessions

To build your own schedule

Click the light blue square to the left of a session title. It will turn red, and the session will be added to the list of sessions in My con. Click again to remove a session from your schedule.

To save your schedule

Your browser will remember your con schedule between uses. To access the same schedule on a different device or browser (e.g. moving from a desktop to a mobile phone), go to My con, select Export selection at the top of the screen, and save or send the resulting link to your other device's browser.

To use the schedule on a mobile phone

This guide will work in your browser even when you don't have an internet connection. You can also install it as a home screen app:

Safari on iPhone/iPad
Tap on (share), then tap Add to Home Screen.
Chrome on Android
Tap on (menu), then tap Add to Home Screen.
Firefox on Android
Tap on (menu), then tap Bookmark and select Options, and Add to Home Screen.
IE on Windows Phone
Tap on (menu), then tap Pin to Start

This schedule should be suitable for use on most browsers and devices. It's an instance of KonOpas, an open-source project providing conventions with easy-to-use mobile-friendly guides.

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