Creative writing

For all those who believe that the pen is mightier than the lightsaber! We have talks on putting the science into science fiction, making monsters and writing time travel so it makes sense.

We have workshops on writing basics, getting over your fear and writing. You don't need to be a scribbler/aspiring scribbler to come along to co-writing ideas and the Fourth UK Vogon Poetry Slam.

This track benefits from the expertise of:
Kirstin Irving and Jon Stone
Chris Farnell
Anne Gay
Tony Keen
Emma Newman
Hannah Eiseman-Renyard
Tom Pollock
Caroline Hooton
Sara Jayne Townsend
Gaie Sebold

Download a copy of this track's shiny programme here:


Content updates

Vogon Poetry Slam

Calling all hoopy froods! The Vogons wrote the third worst poetry in the galaxy, and used it as a torture technique. Here, the editor of the Whippersnapper Press will be running the UK's fourth ever Vogon Poetry Slam (the past 3 have been for Towel Day).

Co-Writing Ideas

Are you a writer needing some inspiration? Or are you an ideas person who just can't quite get your ideas down on paper. Come along and get paired-up: writers and ideas people (and people who are somewhere in-between).

Writing Basics

Have you ever wanted to write but not been sure where to start? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned writer looking for a way around the writer’s block? This workshop is a mixture of exercises to get your creative juices flowing, methods on growing fully-formed characters, and tips on editing.

Fear and Writing

Are you struggling to write the first draft of your novel? Are you researching endlessly but not actually writing the book? Have you had a book in your head for years but been unable to start it? Do you have a drawer full of unfinished stories and manuscripts?