About Nine Worlds 2017

Photo from Nine Worlds 2016 by Tracy Howl

Nine Worlds ran from August 4th-6th 2017 at Novotel London West, with three days and nights of discussion, workshops, activities, performances and DJ sets. This page contains information and links about the event, and will be updated further as we corral together pictures, coverage, and feedback.

If you have anything you would like to add, or there's anything on here that causes you issues, please drop us a line at coverage@nineworlds.co.uk for adding coverage, photos@nineworlds.co.uk to donate photos, and info@nineworlds.co.uk for general enquiries. Also, have you bought your tickets for 2018 yet?

To get an idea of what went down, you can check out:


We didn't have an official photographer this year, but many of our attendees and the occasional journalist stepped forward:

Event write-ups

Lots of people have written about this year's event in far more depth and eloquence than we can manage. We've gathered a small portion here:

Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston also covered the event:

Pen Tynan wrote us up in two parts:

Mike Brooks wrote a post per day:

Coverage of individual panels

Adrian Long, aka Eggwhite, draws elaborate 'sketchnotes' for each session:

Andrew Knighton writes up a couple of panels:

Everwalker is continuing an annual tradition of individual write-ups:

D Franklin live tweeted lots of items, then Storified them:

Meg MacDonald live-tweeted items, and also collated various people's live-tweets and Storified them:

Videos and podcasts

Winkball made a video about Nine Worlds:

Several podcasts were recorded at or about Nine Worlds:

Some live clips of performances and talks were also recorded:

Claire Rousseau runs through some Nine Worlds highlights and a substantial vendor haul


And finally, we'll leave the last word to Ents head Ash and No-Face, in this clip from the End of Con Quiz: