About Nine Worlds 2016

Nine Worlds 2016 ran at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith, from the 12th to 14th of August. There were 250 programme items covering every conceivable geekery, and this page gathers together coverage, reports and media from or about the weekend in one place.

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Photo round-up

Articles and blog posts

Bleeding Cool - Nine Things I Learned At Nine Worlds, And Why You Should Join Me In 2017

Bleeding Cool - 'Here’s a look at some of the cosplay from today'

Bleeding Cool - How Nine Worlds Makes Access And Inclusivity Part Of Its DNA

Starburst - 'If you love something geeky and odd, and you maybe consider yourself a little bit different from the norm, then Nine Worlds is the event for you'

UK Anime Network - 'I expected to be welcomed, to be entertained; to learn, discuss, debate and consider other opinions, and for it to be inclusive and fun. I was not disappointed'

Oxford Dictionaries - Geek dictionary corner at Nine Worlds 2016

Danie Ware - 'From our nailed-by-our knees vantage, everybody had a very happy Con'

Don't Want To Write - 'Nine Worlds taught me a thing or two about writing'

Eggwhite's Eggbox - 'I made some sketch-notes at pretty much every panel I went to'

Eleanor Hollindrake - 'I wasn’t there for the whole convention but the weekend as a whole was one of the best weekends of my life'

Freak Atoms - 'Thursday was a bit of a crash course in event tech while we built the main stage, hoisted the lighting rig and set up the AV kit in the panel rooms'

Happydork - 'I had such a lovely Nine Worlds! :) Good friends, fascinating panels, general awesomeness'

Liwella - 'of all the conventions on the calendar, it is far and away the most welcoming and inclusive, which creates a joyful and creative atmosphere'

Mike Brooks - Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Nyssa - 'full of great conversations about all sorts of things with an incredible range of people'

Jessica Meats - 'I wanted to share a few highlights from my experience of the convention'

Our access co-ordinator Samantha writes about the event's accessibility at Rethink Mental Illness

ScribbleJotterAmy - 'My first convention. It. Was. EPIC'

The Duke Mitchell Film Club - Sci-Fi VHS Mix

UFO Press - 'This con really demonstrated the best sides of fandom'

Unsung Stories - 'a wonderful few days spent meeting other editors, publishers, readers, as well as fans'

Vanessa Thompsett - 'It was rather splendid and much-needed'

Wholly On The Level - 'always seems to come with some manner of personal awakening or development'

Alison R Baker - 'Mostly, it was a delight, although I did witness a couple of things that alarmed me a little'

Epicurean Cure - 'Nine Worlds Geek Fest, which took place last weekend, and was fabulous'

Everwalker - 'tracks at Nine Worlds fall on a spectrum ranging from full-on academic papers to geeks frothing about cool stuff with each other'

Everwalker - talk report on 'A Whole New World'

Everwalker - talk report on 'Foreign Languages in Genre Fiction'

Everwalker - talk reports on 'The Afterlife of the Dalek Emperor – Spinoff material, canon and intertextuality in Doctor Who' by Fiona Moore and Alan Stevens, and 'Roleplaying games: transmedia studies and producer/consumer relationships' by Allen Stroud

Everwalker - talk report on 'How to Think About Historical Fiction' by Dr. Nick Lowe

Everwalker - panel reports on Heroism & Morality in Genre Fiction

Everwalker - talk reports on ‘Crossing Fantasy’s Borders: the Fluidity of Gender and Genre’ by Taylor Driggers, and ‘The Age of Athena: Gender Non-Binary’ by Olivia Huntingdon-Stuart

Everwalker - panel report on 'Tricking the Reader' and unreliable narrators

Mia Violet - 'As expected, it was awesome'

Quizzical Queek - 'I miss it already'

Birth Movies Death - '"Annotated James Bond Titles" perfectly distills the problematic subtext of the James Bond franchise without taking all damn day'

Culture Shock & Writer's Block - 'I'll see you next year, Nine Worlds. I'll miss you until then. You put a light in my life that simply won't go out'

Gav Thorpe - 'If you’ve never attended a convention before, I can heartily recommend Nine Worlds as a safe space to dip your toe in the water'

Michael Duxbury - 'Nine Worlds caters to all kinds of geekery, and I attended some great talks about film, astronomy, Hannibal Lecter, mythology in art, historical video games and more besides'

Jacqui storifies a quest from the Quest NPC at Nine Worlds

Steve storifies his experience as a full time volunteer

Elaine storifies the Games So White panel

Sarah Cole storifies the entire weekend

Bifröst disco playlist

Google Play Music playlist

Spotify playlist

Note that both playlists miss out a few tracks that aren't available on their respective platforms.


Geek Legion of Doom - Convention report

Maria Lewis - event video including a chat with Angela Slatter

Bleeding Cool - 'some people playing with tails...Who doesn’t want a tail all of their own?'

VHS Sci-Fi Mix!

No Face cashing in their tokens

Zombies Run Panel

Kitty G's Nine Worlds Books & Jewellery Haul

MC Luke Skywalker in the Bifröst cabaret

Claire Rousseau's Book Haul

Books & Pieces - 5 minutes with Angela Slatter


Fangirl Happy Hour - Ana and Renay discuss their experiences at Nine Worlds, MidAmeriCon II, and dig into the Hugo stats

Moderate Fantasy Violence - Known On The Streets As Mister Spanky

The Glass Slipper podcast - Barriers to women in SFF publishing: Live at Nine Worlds

Starburst Brave New Words podcast

Talks, slides and guides

JDWasabi - What does Cultural Appropriation in Game Music sound like?

Storify of Alex Lamb's talk: Psychohistory for real - complex systems as science fiction

Storify of Meg MacDonald's talk: Corpse or Chrysalis - Incarnated Gods in Fantasy

Getting started with WebVR (Ada Rose Edwards)

Talking about Virtual Reality in the web and A-Frame (Ada Rose Edwards)

Mathematics: the big game behind the little tricks (Marta Maria Casetti)

Annotated Bond Titles - mildly NSFW video (Andrew Clarke)

Powerless Fathers and Other Mothers, plus bibliography (Vanessa Thompsett)

Offsite resources

Sewing Machine 101: A series of sewing machine tutorials aimed at beginners

Absolute Beginners Guide to Cosplay

Disabled Character Manifesto (Google Doc)

Listings and pre-event coverage

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