Guest list

This is the list of guests who attended Nine Worlds in 2013. The 2014 guest list will be different but equally awesome!

Chris Barrie is an impressionist, comedian and actor best loved for his role as Arnold Rimmer in Red Dwarf. Chris has also starred in The Brittas Empire, and the Tomb Raider films.

Miltos Yerolemou is an English screen and stage actor, perhaps best known for his role as Syrio Forel in the HBO TV series Game of Thrones and children's TV personality 'Mikey' in the long running series Hububb (1997-2003). He will be teaching swordplay classes at the convention, in addition to taking part in panel discussions.

Kai Owen is a Welsh actor best known for playing Rhys Williams in Torchwood, initially in a supporting role and coming into a main part for seasons 3 and 4. He has also appeared in Being Human and Waterloo Road, and played the lead role in BBC series Rocket Man.

Paul Cornell is a writer best known for his work in television drama as well as Doctor Who TV and fiction. Paul has also written for a number of British comics, as well as Marvel Comics and DC Comics -- including X-Men and Batman and Robin. His latest novel, London Falling, pits a team of London police against a supernatural killer.

Kim Newman is an award-winning writer, critic, journalist and broadcaster who lives in London.

He is a contributing editor to the UK film magazine Empire, and writes its popular monthly segment, “Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon”. He also writes for assorted publications including “Video Watchdog” (‘The Perfectionist’s Guide to Fantastic Video’), The Guardian, and Sight & Sound.

His horror novels and short stories have won a number of industry ‘bests’, including the Bram Stoker Award for Best Novel for his best-selling Anno Dracula.

Kate Madison is the award-winning director of Lord of the Rings fan film Born of Hope which has over 18 million views on YouTube.

James Swallow is an award-winning author and multi-media scriptwriter. His novels Fear To Tread and Nemesis were New York Times Bestsellers in 2012 and 2010. He has worked on Blake's 7, Stargate, and Doctor Who, and is the only British writer to have worked on Star Trek. He was nominated for a 2012 BAFTA for his work on the video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

(Managing Director/Executive Producer)
A former BBC Executive specializing in new media, Andrew Mark Sewell has worked extensively as a Producer, Director and Executive Producer during which time he has developed, packaged and produced a number of prominent drama and multimedia projects.
Sewell is currently Executive Producer on the television reboot of the classic cult science fiction series Blake’s 7 in partnership with Georgeville TV, the independent US TV studio co-founded by Marc Rosen (Harry Potter, Threshold) and Leon Clarance of Motion Picture Capital. The series is written by Joe Pokaski (Heroes, CSI) and directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale).
Past credits include the UKTV simulcast event Haunted (shortlisted for the Montreux e-Rose), Dig Egypt, The Old Grey Whistle Test and Tomorrow’s World+. Sewell has also lectured at notable media festivals and events in UK and Europe on recognizing and harnessing the opportunities of new media. Other factual TV credits include documentaries Echoes of the Past (UK History), Barcelona Burnout (Men and Motors) and Secrets of the Paranormal (UK Horizons).
Sewell was UK Producer of critically acclaimed independent feature Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont featuring Joan Plowright, Anna Massey, Robert Lang, Rupert Friend and Zoe Tapper. He is also the producer/director for the popular BBC Radio 4 Extra audio drama series based on the cult SF series Blake’s 7 featuring Daniela Nardini (This Life), Derek Riddell (No Angels), Colin Salmon (James Bond, Arrow) and Keeley Hawes (Spooks, Ashes to Ashes).
More recently, Sewell staged Tim Arnold’s Shakespeare-inspired rock album Sonnet 155 at the Almeida Theatre featuring Richard Briers, Benedict Cumberbatch, Hattie Morahan, Paul McGann and Lisa Dillon. Upcoming films include the psychosexual horror Damnation featuring Jacob James and the supernatural thriller Roundabout slated to shoot in Canada later this year.

Alistair Lock is a well-respected audio professional best known for his work on the all-new Blake’s 7 audio adventures and the Big Finish Productions’ series of officially-licensed Doctor Who audio plays, which more than one reviewer described as ‘cinematic’.
His association with Blake’s 7 dates back to when he was the director/sound designer on Magic Bullet’s controversial Kaldor City series, an ultra-violent tale of power, sex and intrigue inspired by Blake’s 7. He is now best known as the voice of the synthetic intelligence known only as Zen.
Prior to this, he has worked on a number of independent Doctor Who stories produced during the television series’ hiatus. Credits include BBV’s Doctor Who spin-off audio plays, notably “Republica” and “Prosperity Island”, along with direct-to-video releases, including “The Airzone Solution”, “More than a Messiah” and the “Auton” trilogy series. He also did post-production on the popular UNIT video story “Downtime”.
Alistair is also an accomplished composer and has provided scores for Sapphire & Steel, Doctor Who and Bennie Summerfield audio adventures. Other music credits include the infamous remix of Madonna’s Open Your Heart.

Kiruna's most recent venture is Guiseppe Tornorte's film, 'The Best Offer' appearing alongside Geoffry Rush. She can also be seen in Ricky Gervais' 'Life's Too Short', the BBC's, 'All The Small Things' and 'EastEnders' and Channel 4's, 'Cast-offs'. Kiruna is a actress with dwarfism and has for many years been a campaigner for disability rights and the promotion of disability inclusive arts practices.

She will be joining the Game of Thrones track organiser on Sunday to give her thoughts about portrayals of disabled characters on Game of Thrones.

Mark Pilkington is the co-founder of Strange Attractor, an events series and publisher exploring the fringes of human knowledge. His film Mirage Men explores the truth behind UFO stories and the US Government.