Guest list

This is the list of guests who attended Nine Worlds in 2013. The 2014 guest list will be different but equally awesome!

Rhianna is an award-winning scriptwriter, story designer, and video games author. She has written several major video games including the recent Tomb Raider reboot, and she is also adapting Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels for television.

Laurie Penny is a journalist, author and activist. Named by the Telegraph as "without doubt the loudest and most controversial female voice on the radical left", she rose to prominence with her coverage of the anti-cuts movement in the UK and has since covered the activist movements in New York and Cairo. She is well-known as a radical and powerful feminist voice, and is the author of the books Meat Market: Female Flesh Under Capitalism, Discordia: Six Nights In Crisis Athens, and Penny Red: Notes From The New Age Of Dissent. She works as Contributing Editor for the New Statesman, and will be speaking about internet misogyny and feminist activism as part of the Geek Feminism stream.

FX Artist with roles on Man of Steel, John Carter, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Iron Man 2, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and Batman Begins.

Twitter: @eugenievt

Roz Kaveney is a writer, critic, and poet, best known for her critical works about pop culture including Reading The Vampire Slayer and From Alien to the Matrix: Reading Science Fiction Film. The first instalment of her Rhapsody Of Blood fantasy tetralogy, Rituals, was shortlisted for the Crawford Award, and the second instalment, Reflections, will appear this summer.

Cara Ellison is a video game producer, writer and critic, who has written extensively for The Guardian, Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer and Unwinnable. Her site is at

Senior Animator on John Carter, Clash of the Titans, Sylvian Chaumet's The Illusionist, and Narnia II and III; teaches creature animation at the Animation Workshop in Denmark; currently drawing a graphic novel, The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage, for Pantheon Books.

Tony Keen teaches myth for the Open University, and is interested in the continuing reworking of stories and characters throughout history. He also teaches Fantastic London for Middlesex University and the University of Notre Dame. He writes science fiction criticism, which has been published in Foundation, Vector and Strange Horizons, and is co-editing a volume on Iain Banks, for publication in 2014. He contributed to the issue of Vector on female sf writers. He also wrote crossover fics for the BBC's Archers webpage.

Dr. Meg Barker is a sexuality and gender academic/activist and fan of all of the Whedonverses. Meg has written academically on Buffy and on the slash fiction based on the Buffyverse. They will reflect on the gender representations in Buffy and beyond, and why Avengers Assemble should have featured a female Hulk.

Head of Strategy and Planning, LadyGeek

Lucie led the Remarkable Woman Campaign which has now become the benchmark for speaking to women by Marketing Magazine. She is currently leading the Little Miss Geek campaign which has the support of Boris Johnson, and is helping thousands of girls to revolutionise the way technology is taught in schools.


Growing up in the outskirts of London, Dr Jenny Alexander fell in love with science fiction and fantasy via the local public library (yes, let's support those). She caught the tail end of second wave feminism and belonged to a (probably less than stellar) feminist poetry collective whilst studying English Literature at Newcastle University. She has a PhD in 19thC anarchist autobiography and has published on popular culture and sexuality. She lectures in media, advertising, popular culture and the environment at Bournemouth

John Walker is a co-director of Rock, Paper, Shotgun, fighter for justice, and professional grumbler. With fifteen years in the business, he pretends the "veteran" status people keep giving him is because he survived the Great Games Criticism War of the late 90s.

No More Page 3 began in Summer 2012, when, during the Olympics, Lucy-Anne Holmes picked up a copy of The Sun and felt outraged that despite the tremendous achievements of athletes such as Victoria Pendleton and Jessica Ennis the largest and most prominent image of a woman in the newspaper was a picture of a topless model.

Lucy sent a letter to Dominic Mohan (and still eagerly awaits his reply), and started an online petition. Soon offers of support were flooding in and in January 2013 the No More Page 3 team was formed. This is a team of people who have largely never met, and yet work closely together to sustain a vibrant and well-supported campaign.

Twitter: @NoMorePage3

Founder of the Twitter Youth Feminist Army

Lilinaz Evans is a 15 year old feminist online activist from London who has co-founded the Twitter Youth Feminist Army and works with SPARKsummit. You can hear more from Lili at her blog, Jellypop:

Twitter: @lilinaz_evans / @_TYFA

Girlguiding Volunteer, WAGGGS Stop The Violence Network

Tracy Hawkes is a leader with Girlguiding, the UK's leading voluntary organisation for girls and young women. As a member of Girlguiding, she participated in the European "Stop The Violence" seminar organised by The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). Since then, Tracy has been working with Nottingham Women's Centre and other feminist networks to provide training and opportunities for young people and those who work with them. Tracy is also a qualified teacher and works in a wide range of establishments in the East Midlands.

Twitter: @tracytruffles

Geeked is an illustration-led quarterly magazine with an urban feminist slant on art, culture and gender.

Twitter: @GeekedMagazine

Sofia Hericson (Editor / Art Director) is a multi-media artist based in London. She works as a Visual Merchandiser and Graphic Designer at one of the coolest bookshops in the world! Her favourite colour is orange. Contact her at

Samantha Langsdale (Editor / PR) is in the writing-up stages of her PhD at SOAS, in London. Though she hails from the southern US, she is a long-time resident of the Big Smoke. Sam is a fierce feminist, loves profanity, and is constantly trying to convince her partner to have, ‘just one more pint’.
Contact her at

Alison Morton is the author of INCEPTIO, the first of a series of alternate history thrillers set in a 21st century Roman society ruled by women. Raised by a feminist mother to make no distinction between gender roles, and having lived through the 1970s, she is bewildered by why equality isn't normal and annoyed to find it's still an issue in 2013.

Twitter: @alison_morton

Charlee Cheverton is a freelance writer, mother, feminist and Stargate geek. Her hobbies include yoga, tinkering with websites and wild hypocrisy. She writes a blog about self-development and her latest project, Make Up Down, helps women to challenge cultural ideals of beauty.

Twitter: @CharleeSays

Character TD/Rigger with roles on John Carter, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and Lost in Space.

Zoe is a sexuality activist and blogger with interests in feminism, sexual health, and technology. She is the author of the book and blog, Girl With A One Track Mind (winner of the Best British/Irish Blog of 2006 and 2007).