Take Back the Net: The Future of Online Feminism

In the last 12 months, a geek dad hacked the gender roles in Donkey Kong so his daughter could save Mario, hacktivist network Anonymous came to the aid of rape survivors, a Chrome plugin was developed to gender-swap your view of the web, and tens of thousands of people tweeted #FBrape and made Facebook listen.

How can we use the internet and technology to further the cause, support each other, and affect change in creative and thought-provoking ways, bringing that important discussion into the mainstream?


• Phillippa Hibbs, No More Page 3 - @NoMorePage3
Lili Evans, founder of the Twitter Youth Feminist Army - @lilinaz_evans
Tracy Hawkes, Girlguiding Volunteer, WAGGGS Stop The Violence Network - @tracytruffles
• Robyn Exton, co-organiser of GeekGirl MeetUp