How to get your badge

Registration desk opening hours

Thursday 6th August: 6pm - Midnight
Friday 7th August: 7am - 8pm
Saturday 8th August: 8am - 8pm
Sunday 9th August: 8am - 2pm

When closed registration will still be possible at the info desk (until 10pm) located in the Atrium.

Where are my badge details?

We sent an email to all ticket holders at 4am on Wednesday 5th August, with a list of badges that were bought or allocated to their email address:

  • If you bought tickets, we'll send badge details to the email address you used to buy them.
  • If someone bought a ticket for you, we'll send your badge details to the email address they used to buy it.
  • If you were comped a ticket, we'll send your badge details to your email address if we have it, or the organiser that comped you if we don't.

Collect your badge

You will need to know the name the badge is under, and your email address:

  • Go to the registration desk in the atrium of the Radisson Heathrow during opening hours.
  • Join the queue that matches the surname your badge is under.
  • Tell us what surname and first name your badge is under.
  • We will look up your name, confirm your email address, and give you a welcome pack with a blank badge to write your name on.
  • Go to the naming desk, write your name on your badge, and enjoy the convention!

Collect other people's badges

You or they will need to know the names the badges are under, and your email address:

  • If you've got badges for other people, then either you can collect the badges on their behalf, or they can collect them directly. Either way, we need the name each badge being collected is under, and your email address.
  • Please ensure your fellow badge holders know who's getting the badges. It makes nobody happy waiting in the registration queue only to find out you've already taken their badge and wandered off.
  • Please make the other badge holders aware of the information in this mailout.

Extra badges and options

We also offer a range of extra ways of communicating your status and preferences, at registration desk or the naming desk:

  • Yellow 'no photo' lanyards - wear these if you don't want to be photographed.
  • Communication preference badges - let people know if they should talk with you.
  • Preferred pronoun badges - let people know what your preferred pronoun is.
  • Priority seating badges - make attendees and staff aware of your need for priority seating.
  • Vendor badges - worn by vendor staff.
  • Staff badges - worn by convention organisers and volunteers.
  • Press badges - worn by journalists and photographers.

Most of these are optional, and you are welcome to wear or remove them as you wish. Vendor, staff and press badges are not optional, and should be worn at all times when you are 'on duty'.