Nine Worlds attendees get discounted admission to Longitude Punk'd!

Royal Observatory Greenwich - Until 4 Jan 2015

Exclusive convention discount code: receive a 20% discount on admission to Longitude Punk’d if you book online using a code given to Nine Worlds ticket holders.

All Longitude Punk’d tickets also include FREE entry to the major temporary exhibition at the National Maritime Museum - Ships, Clocks and Stars: the Quest for Longitude.

Delve into the weird and wonderful world of Longitude Punk’d, where sci-fi collides with 18th-century innovation - an immersive experience never tried before, in the last place you would expect to see it…

Steampunk artists have taken over the Time galleries at the Royal Observatory, creating a lavishly re-imagined story of the pursuit for longitude. Bursting with quirky characters, this witty, theatrical, and fabulously inventive narrative reinterprets the science and the drama of the 18th-century quest, bringing to life madcap inventors, stargazing scientists and extremely elegant explorers of the past.

Discover specially created pieces, large and small, by steampunk luminaries including Robert Rankin, Doctor Geof, Emilly Ladybird and Major Thaddeus Tinker, as they take over the grand historic rooms of Flamsteed House and spill out into the Meridian Courtyard, exuberantly blurring the boundaries between art and science, fact and fiction.

Book online at using the code you can find in ticket holder emails or your Nine Worlds programme booklet.

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