The Steampunk strand at Nine Worlds looks forward to welcoming you to the “future that never was” hosted by the Victorian Steampunk Society; organisers of The Asylum, Europe’s biggest and longest established steampunk festival. Whether you are a regular member of the British Steampunk Community or you are just interested to learn more about Steampunk then you can be sure of a friendly welcome and something to interest you.

Everything's in Room 12.


10.00 -11.15
So you want to write Steampunk
Steampunk books aren't only novels! Come and meet three authors of different kinds of Steampunk books: Liesel Schwartz, Karl Burnett, and John Naylor (and chaired by Andrea Burnett). Liesel  is the author of the award winning series, "The Chronicles of Shadow and Light" and has recently completed "Writing SFF: a Guide To Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy". Karl, under the nom de plume, "Arthur Foote", writes and performs steampunk poetry. As one half of the Cogneys, he is seen at many an event. John Naylor is editor of the Steampunk Gazette, an international study of steampunk, as well as being a steampunk artist and event organiser. Hear how they are inspired, and what they make of steampunk as it develops into a genre in its own right.

11.45 - 1.00.
Not Just Books
Steampunk is much more than a literary genre. Meet Yomi Ayeni, Gary Nichols, and Lady Elsie, chaired by Malika Andress, who will discuss their take on the world of Steampunk. Yomi Ayeni is an artist, director, author and DJ. He is the creative lead on the global transmedia project “Clockwork Watch”. Gary Nichols is a photographic artist whose current project, "The Imaginarium", is showing in Galleries and events in the UK, and going to the US. later this year. Lady Elsie is a costume designer, working in T.V. She currently has two pieces displayed at the National Maritime Museum Greenwich's "Longitude Punk'ed" Exhibition.

1.30 - 2.45.
Punk your Nerf
Nerf Guns are a great steampunk accessory. This session will give you some hints and tips on how to take a child's toy, and with a few easy steps, turn it into a Steampunk weapon and accessory. Dr Vincent Swann, will open up his surgery and show you, in a 'Blue Peter' style, how to do this. There will be time to show you how to run a Steampunk Shoot out and join in a Steamwestern Shoot out, under the guidance of Sheriff Crichton. 

3.15 - 4.30
Multiculturalism and a Global Perspective on Steampunk
When people see Victorian fashions reimagined in steampunk it is perhaps easy to assume that Victorian values go along hand in hand with this, but what is the truth about steampunk as scene, genre and movement? With Yomi Ayeni, Malika Andress and John Naylor, chaired by Andrea Burnett. Yomi Ayeni is the creative lead on the transmedia project Clockwork Watch which deliberately strives to reimagine multicultural concepts. Malika Andress is responsible for marketing at the National Space centre with international reputation and reach and is also a steampunk promoter and performer. John Naylor works primarily in television as a production designer and historian. He is editor of the Steampunk Gazette, the first steampunk book to deliberately consider multiculuralism and a global perspective in the genre.

6.45 - 8.00
Gin Appreciation (18+)
Stop those overbearing aromas of pretentious rubbish in their tracks and come along to a session packed with fun facts, helpful information and, most importantly, the opportunity to drink gin where the excuse is… research!  Lady Elsie and Lady M bring you world leading gins and several that will shock and surprise, for you to sample, as well as some advice on cocktails, mixers and the perfect accompaniment to your beverage of choice (more gin!)
Tickets will go on sale in mid-July: we'll announce them in a newsletter soon.

8 30 - 11.30
Steampunk Cabaret: a steamy evening of entertainment
Come and join us for an evening of Steampunk entertainment. Act will include:
- Dr Corvas Marconi, with his own brand of Mentalism: The doctrine that physical reality exists only because of the mind's awareness. What happens outside of the mind's ability to perceive?
Dr. Marconi has studied this approach to the occult and un-explainable phenomena and attempts to show this in his performances. Dr. Marconi does not profess to demonstrate true esoteric powers but to simulate them in a controlled environment. His approach has been described as one part Victorian music hall showman and two parts devilish mayhem, bringing a real sense of danger to the stage. 
- The Cogkneys: a music hall comedy duo who specialise working with a steampunk ethos. We bring old style music hall songs, new parodies and original ribald poems together in a tumultuous steam-powered explosion! Tilly Mademe is a cockney sparrow, brash, bawdy and innocent as yellow snow, whilst Arthur Foote is a dirty old man (he will tell you he is not old!) from a well-to-do family: fallen on hard times or he wouldn't be on the stage! 
- You Only Laugh Twice (No Guarantees), starring Lady M & Count Rostov: a comedy sketch about the meeting of super spy Count Rostov and the notorious femme fatale Mata Hari.
Count Rostov, Part time Comedian and Beetroot fan, Born at an early age, and with his heart in the right place, part-time comedian Count Rostov claims to be a Russian noble with a tendency to time travel. A hopeless undercover operative, he attempts to thwart evil and somehow succeeds despite an addiction to gin and appallingly bad one-liners. He presents comedy shows in his spare time, writing scripts and fooling highly talented individuals to take part.
- Thadeus Tinker, will attempt to hold this motley crew in check and also entertain you with his look a life through steamy specs.
- all this and music too!


10.00am - 11.15am
Here's One I Made Earlier: steampunk makers share their hints and tips
Herr Doctor is an artist and model maker whose work is currently on display at Royal Maritime Museum Greenwich as a part of the Longitude Punk'ed exhibition. Mark Simpson is a talented leather worker, and will show you how to work with this versatile material. Andrea Burnett is a part time Milliner at Mothers Ruin Millinery. Her unique hats are often seen at Steampunk events.

11.45 - 1.00
Female characters in Steampunk: strong women in Steampunk get an audience
Gail Carriger, Liesel Schwartz and Toby Frost discuss female characters in their novels, guided by Count Rostov. In most genres, the main characters are male. Steampunk has a whole bevvy of sassy women who do not let their petticoats get in the way of solving puzzles or having fun. Come and hear about Alexia Tarabotti and Eleanor "Elle" Chance and the adventures they share whilst other young ladies are "at home sipping tea".

1.30- 2.45
Corsets in an Hour
Dressmaker and corset maker Trevor Wilson will help demystify "The Corset": the garment that women love to hate. In an hour or so, he will show from start to finish how a corset is made and fitted. This will inspire you to have a go at home and make one of the iconic steampunk garments.

3.15 - 4.30
The science of Afternoon Tea: how does chemistry help us to make scones?
It is often said that a Punknic could feed all of the UK in one very splendid and sociable event, but what should the discerning Steampunk pack to ensure they field a flawless afternoon tea?  Drop in to discover how science can make your scones rise, work out the perfect ratio of jam and cream, and learn how to achieve a faultless marriage of ingredients for a sandwich that would make Tesla blush and Edison stroke an elephant. Presented by Malika Andress of the National Space Center.

5.00- 6.15.
Steampunk Fashion.
The whole Steampunk Track team will strut their stuff in a fashion show, which they hope will inspire you to join the Steamy side and show off your individuality. Each of our crew will show you how to put together many styles of outfits and show you it is not just about wearing goggles and brown.


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