Sign ups and submissions

Stuff you can sign up for, submit entries to, or otherwise get ready for now

  • Sherlock Holmes scavenger hunt - Join us for a Sherlock fandom-themed scavenger hunt around the convention site. A new film will reveal a secret that could threaten the security of the nation, and Mycroft Holmes needs your help to stop it being made.
  • Join a geek feminist advocacy workshop - We're looking for suggestions, thoughts and offers of support in running this workshop.
  • Take part in the cosplay contest - Assemble your awesome outfit, or put together something on site with our assistance.
  • Add a recipe to the Nine Worlds Cookbook - The food geekery track is putting together a collaborative cookbook. Get your thinking cap on and bring along a fantasy recipe and get a free copy of the resulting book!
  • Volunteer as tribute - We're always looking for stewards and people to help out generally.

Workshops which have finished taking sign-ups and are no longer available

  • Get free feedback on your writing from leading book agents - Have you written a book of genre fiction? Or at least the first couple of chapters? Literary agency Conville and Walsh are offering free feedback sessions to selected entrants on the Friday of Nine Worlds.
  • Gin and liqueur tastings - Three sessions, two with the food geekery track and one with the steampunk track, have been announced. 18+, tickets in the tickets section.
  • Build a game for the Nine Worlds Game Jam - In order to enter the Game Jam, you must first play the game jam game. Whoa.
  • Submit a film to the Film Festival - The submissions period ends on 30th June. Get to work!
  • Join an under-12s creative writing workshop - Small-group creative writing workshops in which under-12s and their families can experiment with storytelling. Deadline: July 10th
  • Join a young adult creative writing workshop - Small-group creative writing workshops in which young adults (aged 13-17) are invited to explore how fantasy and fiction can explore social issues. Deadline: July 10th
  • MILTOS - Tickets for all four swordplay workshops with Miltos, who plays Syrio Forel in Game of Thrones, are now sold out. He'll still be around as part of the wider convention though.