Cosplay Contest

by wcdumonts on Flickr

We love cosplay at Nine Worlds: from the well-known to the obscure, and from the semi-professional to the last-minute cobbled-together. Cosplay rocks. We're so excited to see yours.

The Contest

Here's the plan for this year's cosplay contest. It'll be not-very-competitive, and non-hierarchical. We'll be sorting out winners at the event. It'll be social, and fun.

All attendees will get some "awesome cosplay!" tokens printed in their programme, and will be invited to hand these out over the weekend to folks whose cosplays they like. Thanks to EasterCon for this idea: turns out that giving someone a "awesome cosplay!" token is a lovely way to have a friendly interaction.

On Sunday afternoon, those folks who have collected more than a certain number of tokens, will be invited to hand them in at the cosplay contest table, and choose a tiny prize. We'll also have the con photographer set up nearby, so you can record your triumph.

Actual numbers (of tokens, and to win) to be confirmed once our game design masterminds (over on the Social Gaming track) emerge from their lab. Just thought we'd keep you informed in the meantime.


Also, all cosplaying under-12s totally get a tiny prize, just for cosplaying. We like to encourage our younger geeks as much as possible. Under 12s are invited to simply show up to the prizes table, with their adult, in their cosplay.

Cosplayers Assemble!

The Comics Fandom track have also kindly volunteered a last-minute cosplay-making session on the Thursday evening of the convention, in Royal A.

Do you have a suit? Cosplayers assemble! (literally)

Haven't quite finished your cosplay? Need a bit of help? Need to start? We've all been there. Hazel (from the Comics Fandom track), and craft and fashion wizard, Clara Belle, will use their mutant powers for good by helping you make last-minute adjustments to anything you need help with; create full-blown flower crowns and stealth cosplay accessories; and encourage, assist, literally hold the hand and paint the nails of anyone hoping to make that first foray into cosplay and fannish fashion. We'll have a big stash of supplies and feel free to bring your own: other crafters welcome, if you want to knit or cross-stich or macrame your way into the convention mindset. We only ask that you leave any welding and metalwork at the forge.

We're looking forward to seeing all your amazing cosplays!