Programme Update: Live Action Role Play

We're very excited to be running two theatre-style LARPs over the course of Nine Worlds - participants take on a character for the duration of the LARP, with their own background, skills and suggested goals, and an emphasis on interaction and discussion with other players. Sign up in advance for the Harry Potter next generation LARP, or come along on the day for Foundations, a post-apocalyptic saving-the-world LARP. Check out the track page for all the details, including timings, further information, content warnings and sign-up contacts. Beginners are very welcome, and costumes are encouraged, but not essential.

James Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts

Almost twenty years since Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort, a new generation is attending Hogwarts. It's the end of term, halfway through the school year, and the school is holding its annual ball. Players play the staff and students in this game of intrigue, adventure, and teenage angst, set in the world of Harry Potter. In a chaotic world of wands and wizardry, discover who your friends really are, and where your destiny, and that of the wizarding world, truly lies...


In the year 2253, a wave of asteroids hit the Earth, bringing devastation and chaos in its wake. In the ensuing years, humanity began picking up the pieces, slowly rebuilding itself. A predicted second wave is now ten years overdue.
The players are members of five newly-completed space stations constructed in the Earth's solar system as part of an uneasy alliance between the five great nations. The stations - known as 'Foundations' - have been equipped with the best tech available, and it is up to their occupants to find a way to defend the Earth, and to balance their own divided loyalties. Science fantasy; not entirely serious; has lots of things going on.