Theatre-Style Live Action Role Play

Theatre-Style Live Action Role Play

Theatre-style LARP is a live action non contact form of roleplaying game. Participants each have a single character, which they play in person (in our games costume is optional but encouraged). Each character has their own background, capabilities, and suggested goals, but there is no script. Players must decide for themselves how their characters would act, and the choices they make will influence the course of the game. Unlike combat LARPs, the emphasis is on talking to the other players, and no weapons are involved.

James Potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts

Sunday 11th August, 9am - 1pm at the Radisson

Almost twenty years since Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort, and a new generation is attending Hogwarts. It's the end of term, halfway through the school year, and the school is holding its annual ball. Players play the staff and students in this game of intrigue, adventure, and teenage angst, set in the world of Harry Potter. Will history repeat itself, or will the students find brand new sources of trouble and confusion? Will the school fall afoul of the ever-paranoid Ministry of Magic? Which house will win the House Cup, and who will get a place in the Quidditch Team? Will you get a date for the now-traditional Yule Ball, and are you ever going to get that arithmancy essay finished on time? In a chaotic world of wands and wizardry, discover who your friends really are, and where your destiny, and that of the wizarding world, truly lies...

..And if you're interested in Harry Potter, why not check out this track.

Authors & GMs:Rei & Hanbury Hampden-Turner
Information for Players:Approx 4 sides of character background + 8 sides of general information on setting and system. Knowledge of Harry Potter universe helpful but not necessary. Costuming is encouraged but is not a requirement!
WARNINGS:The Harry Potter universe uses the concept of blood purism as an analogy for racism, and although not every character will encounter it and we can cast accordingly, this is nevertheless a feature in the game.
Number of Players: Min: 25 / Max: 25
Remaining Slots: 19

This game is intended to be cast prior to the convention. Sign-ups will open at 8pm on Friday 14th June 2013. If you want to play, please send an e-mail to marked "James Potter Sign-up". We will assign spots on a first come first served basis, and will send back a confirmation e-mail to let you know, as well as update the remaining slot count above.

Please, please sign-up as soon as possible. This game requires a lot of time for casting ad tweaking to suit the players, so the sooner we can get this sorted, the better the game will be for everyone.

We will send out casting forms the first week in July, and will aim to cast by 14th July. Again, the sooner you send the casting form back, the more likely we'll give you a character designed to suit your preferences.


Saturday 10th August, 10am - 2pm at the Radisson

In the year 2253, a wave of asteroids hit the Earth, bringing devastation and chaos in its wake. In the ensuing years, humanity began picking up the pieces, slowly rebuilding itself. Gradually, five nations emerged from the chaos: the theocratic state of Greatland, the bureaucratic European Federation, the corporate Ashkaran Prevelates, the nomadic Floating City, and the barbaric Cyrillic Clans. But this was just the beginning. Analysis of the wave showed it to be made up of fragments from a moon in a nearby solar system, whose orbit had decayed, sending it crashing into it own planet, obliterating both bodies. A second wave was to follow; a wave composed of fragments of the planet itself, which would hit the Earth in just over a hundred years’ time. The year is now 2362.
The PCs are members of five newly-completed space stations constructed in the Earth's solar system as part of an uneasy alliance between the nations. The stations - known as 'Foundations' - have been equipped with the best tech available, and it is up to their occupants to find a way to defend the Earth, and to balance their own divided loyalties. Science fantasy; not entirely serious; has lots of things going on.

Authors & GMs:Rei & Hanbury Hampden-Turner
Information for Players:Approx 2 sides of character background + 7 sides of general information on setting + 3 sides of plot related news articles. Casting will be on the door so costuming not necessary.
WARNINGS:Foundations includes several stereotypes based on the five 'nations' (America is a theocracy, Europe is bound up in red tape, and Asia is run by corporate families). This is intended as a parody, done largely for flavour and without any rules to enforce players behaviour, and every nation has their own strengths and weaknesses.
Number of Players: Min: 12 / Max: 20
Remaining Slots: N/A

This game is intended to be cast on the door, so no prior sign-ups are necessary. If you'd like to play, just turn up and select a character from the list - they are designed to be flexible and easily interpreted to suit you. We'll just hand out character packs until we run out.

As Foundations will be cast on the door, we won't be sending out character sheets prior to the game. However, there are a number of pages of background material to assimilate; if you're interested in playing but would like more time to read them over, please let us know and we can e-mail something to you. Alternatively, we'll probably be around the con with a few spare copies prior to the game itself.


The GMs are committed to making our games as accessible as possible. Information will be available in large print or on coloured paper - please let us at least two weeks before the convention if you would like your game information provided in this format - and the gaming spaces will have step-free access.

Our games are also intended to be suitable for all genders, including non binary, and sexuality and romance is optional.

If there's anything else we can do to make the LARP more accessible to you or any questions you'd like to ask, please do email us on and we will try to accommodate your personal requirements.
The convention policy on accessibility can be found here.

Last updated: 17-Jul-2013