Programme Update: Geek Feminism

All things geeky and feminist, from discussing gender roles in speculative fiction, to looking at women's representation in gaming, film and TV, to working out how to make geek spaces and industry more inclusive. We will celebrate our storytellers and female superheroes, and we will look forward, and discuss how we can make geekdom a better place for us all. This will be an intersectional and varied programme of panel discussions, talks and socials, with guests including Laurie Penny and Zoe Margolis, and we welcome you to join us!

Check out the main track page for lots more information on the sessions and the guests, and follow @Geek_Feminism on twitter for updates.

Sessions include the following - more to come!

What the FRAK is Geek Feminism?

Lady Geek: Making Technology More Accessible to Women - with Belinda Parmar, CEO of Lady Geek and Founder of Little Miss Geek

Big Damn Heroines: Feminism In The Whedonverse

English Premiere: "Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines"

Industrial Light and Ladies: The Women of VFX

Geek Chic: Beauty is (Science) Fiction - with writer and superhero Charlee Cheverton

Women's Worlds: Feminist Utopias in Literature

Take Back the Net: The Future of Online Feminism

Queens, Tomboys and Whores: The Women of Westeros

From Space Invader to Starfleet: Inclusiveness in Geek Spaces

Can’t Stop The Signal: A Geek Feminist Advocacy Workshop