Programme Update: Vampires

A multi-fandom track designed to appeal to lovers of any or all things fanged, with references to Anne Rice, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, True Blood, Lost Boys, Let The Right One in/Let Me In, Carmilla, and The Anita Blake series, among others. The track has content from PG to Adult only, and is marked accordingly on the programme, so don't be shy, we promise we don't bite! Planned sessions include the following, check out the main track page for full content warnings and age suitability ratings, and follow the track on Twitter for updates!

Fictional Vampires; Real World Problems: Taking vampires from the gothic and into the mundane
A short talk on the evolution of the vampire mythos, followed by a discussion where we will puzzle out the ethical and practical qaundries vampires (and their fans, authors and roleplayers) face in modern, realistic settings.

Fangzines: Vampire created media workshop
A creative space for making pieces of media from a world where vampires exist. Think bloody menus, anti-vampire warning posters, news articles or guides for baby vamps amongst other things. Let your imagination run wild and create something with bite!

Blood is fluid: Queerness and gender non conformity in vampire literature and film
A talk on the representations of queerness and subversion of gender roles within the vampire mythos.

Fangtasia: A multi-interest, freeform vampire roleplay session
Come one and all to Fangtasia, a modern set bar for all undead types, and those who want to mingle with them! Interested in trying out roleplaying, but not familiar with any particular system? Not a problem... there isn't one!

Pair of fangs: Two shorter sessions on the concepts of age and family within the vampire mythos

  • Child vampires and childish vampires: Does age bring wisdom?
    An interactive workshop exploring the concept age within the context of people physically (and in some cases mentally) incapable of change. How 'old' is Eli from Let The Right One in? Should Claudia be considered an adult? And why is it that when you put one century old vampire next to another one they end up bickering like children? Give your opinion on all these questions and more!
  • Blood relations: Vampire Families.
    A talk on the portrayal of families within vampire literature, including the process and responsibility involved in the creation of vampire progeny, and the sex and power dynamics between vampires.
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