Programme Update: Steampunk

We're collaborating with the Victorian Steampunk Society to run a full schedule of workshops, panels and discussions on all things steampunk, as well as hosting an art show, interactive competition pieces, some fabulous traders with costumes and accessories, a photo backdrop with a Wall of Fame for all your outfits, and lots more. We'll also have some sessions especially suited to under-12s, and a crafting space for kids too.

The Victorian Steampunk Society also run Weekend At The Asylum in mid-September, the largest steampunk event in Europe, all over the historic city of Lincoln - check out more here!

Read more about the Nine Worlds steampunk track here, remember that early tickets are just £75 for the whole weekend til May 31st, and hope to see you there!

Sessions include:
Steampunk 101
Steampunk Fashion Show
Pimp My Nerf
Makers Masterclass
Steampunk Authors
Tea Duelling
Steampunk and Fiction
Steampunk Across The Globe
Gin Appreciation
Steampunk As Subculture
Steampunk in the Media
The Great Steampunk Quiz