The Steampunk strand at Nine Worlds looks forward to welcoming you to the “future that never was” hosted by the Victorian Steampunk Society; organisers of The Asylum, Europe’s biggest and longest established steampunk festival.

How do you define Steampunk? It is almost impossible, as steampunk encompasses, music, art, fashion, games, literature, films and above all socialising. In an exercise to "explain steampunk in a sentence" a group from across the world came up with:

"Steampunk is a creative social movement that draws inspiration from Victorian and pre-war history in an anachronistic mix of science fiction, modern values and a sense of fun."

Still want to know more? For the duration of Nine Worlds, the Windsor Suite of the Rennaissance Hotel will become “Steampunk Central”. Here you will find an exhibition of steampunk art, a selection of steampunk traders and artisans, and a full programme of steampunk features. The Windsor Suite will be open from 2:45 – 8pm on Friday and 9:45am – 8pm on Saturday and Sunday. The vendors will be trading from 4pm til 6.15pm on Friday, from 10am til 6pm on Saturday, and from 10am til 4.30pm on Sunday.

Whether you are a regular member of the British Steampunk Community or you are just interested to learn more about Steampunk then you can be sure of a friendly welcome and something to interest you. Visit in your steampunk finery to pose on our set for your photograph to be taken and added to our Visitors’ Wall.



Pimp My Nerf - Nerf guns are very popular with steam punks - they're affordable, fun toys that are easily decorated and modified to fit the steampunk aesthetic and are ever useful in playing Steampunks V Zombies. Bring your own along too to show it off or get some ideas. Kids very welcome!

Steampunk 101 - An introduction to steampunk, plus time for a Q&A and audience input. You have probably come across steampunk on the internet and seen its influences on mainstream culture. There is however a growing geek steampunk subculture. Learn more about it and ask questions of a panel of some of the UK’s leading steampunks.

Steampunk Fashion Show - Steampunk clothing can vary from full-on Victorian to punky street fashions. Join us for a walkthrough of costume and fashions plus some insights into how to achieve the looks. Come for ideas and inspiration!


Steampunk Kids Craft Zone
Panels, presentations, discussions and signings are all great fun, but some of our younger geeks might want to do something a bit more hands on and crafty. Our steampunk Kids Craft Zone will be running 1130-1300 on Saturday and Sunday with crafty activities, making and decorating your own card goggles and badges, along with other neat ideas. Places are limited and advance signup is recommended.

Makers Masterclass - Want to ask questions about model and prop making or costume making and design? Professional model maker “Herr Doktor” and TV Costume Designer “Lady Elsie” are well known World Steampunks. They will offer insights and tricks and tips as well as fielding your questions.

Steampunk Authors - Kit Cox & Jema Hewitt will talk about their books, share insights into their writing process, update you with news of their latest projects and of course take questions. Come along to hear readings and advice, meet the authors and have your books signed!

Tea Duelling - The noble art of Tea Duelling: how to settle an argument with nothing more than a cup of tea and a biscuit. Sign up to compete and ultimately gain the title of “Nine Worlds Champion” to win a free pass for Weekend at the Asylum, the UK steampunk festival, to compete in the National Championship. Want to learn the rules in advance and practice? Get all the details here. Advance sign up is recommended, and junior competitors are very welcome.

Steampunk and Fiction - Steampunk novelists Jonathan Green and Raven Dane are joined by special guest Robert Rankin to talk about their steampunk novels and planned work.

Steampunk Across The Globe - The Internet offers insights into steampunk across the globe, but what is really going on? Major Tinker is the editor of the Steampunk Gazette, which chronicles the steampunk scene globally, and he and Lady Elsie have guested at Steampunk events in both the US and Europe. What is actually going on in Steampunk? Find out here.

Gin Appreciation - Looking for some ginspiration? Gin is not just “mother’s ruin”, it has been a popular drink for centuries. Can you identify the botanicals used to flavour it? Do you know the difference between London and Plymouth? Led by Hendricks brand ambassador Mr Kit Cox you can learn more about gin and try a few. (Over 18s only, sign up in advance.)


Steampunk As Subculture - Steampunk is so much more than a subgenre of written science fiction. It's a wide-ranging social phenomenon, and there are now even 'Steampunk Lifestylers'. Join this discussion with a panel of steampunks about steampunk as a subculture.

Steampunk Authors - Steampunk fiction authors Jonathan Green and Raven Dane talk about their novels, inspiration and future projects. Come to hear readings, advice and news, and have your books signed.

Tea Duelling - The second set of heats for the Nine Worlds championship with the Grand Final to declare the overall winner. Fame awaits!

Steampunk in the Media - IBM’s “social trend mapping” has predicted steampunk to be one of the major influences of 2013-14. How is steampunk influencing mainstream media, and what do we think about it? An audience discussion led by a guest panel.

The Great Steampunk Quiz - For teams of four or five (advance sign up is recommended.) Categories on books, films, music, games, subculture and a wild round, all to find the geekiest steampunk team at Nine Worlds with a prize bundle for the winning team.

Steampunk Afterworld Party - Don’t want the convention to end? Want to sit around and talk steampunk a little longer? Slip to the bar, grab a drink and join us to chat and socialise at the end of the con. See you next time!