When and where is Nine Worlds happening?

We're putting on our party shoes at Novotel London West from August 10th-12th 2018. The address is One Shortlands, London W6 8DR:

  • Thursday evening starts things off with some low key, informal events and socialising
  • Friday morning kicks in at full speed at 10am, and carries through until the early hours
  • Saturday starts at 10am, and keeps on going until 2am or even later
  • Sunday starts at 10am, and gradually winds down around 4.30pm with informal socialising in the evening

We're a residential convention - attendees normally stay on-site for the weekend. This means that the party doesn't stop at dusk, and we'll have games, talks, discos, live music and performance, and all-night film marathons running through the evenings. We'll also have a daytime market and stall holders on each day, for convention attendees.