Cosplay and weapon guidelines

Photo from Nine Worlds 2016 by Tracy Howl

We love costumes at Nine Worlds, and are very much looking forward to seeing all your amazing cosplays! Please make sure you follow the costumes and weapons rules to keep things fun and safe for everyone, and be sure to show them off as part of the cosplay contest!

Costumes must abide by our anti-harassment policy - they must not be offensive on the grounds of race, gender, sexuality, disability, physical appearance, body size, or religion. This includes t-shirt slogans. We decide what’s offensive: please don’t debate with staff.

We’re a family-friendly event, with kids running around. Please keep it PG-13: no nudity, no excessive PDA, and don’t dress in overtly sexualised costumes. Please also be mindful of how gory or scary your costumes are, and don’t go around deliberately scaring kids.

Weapons Policy

  1. No real weapons.
  2. All weapons must look fake from at least three metres away.
  3. Absolutely no weapons that look like real guns: the police will take potential threats very seriously. As a guideline: the more costumed-up you are, the more forgiving hotel security will be regarding fake firearms. Stormtroopers with blasters: awesome! Street clothes with a black plastic toy pistol: problem.
  4. No metal bladed weapons. Non-metal bladed weapons should be blunt.
  5. Absolutely no explosives: including, but not limited to, smoke powder, sparklers, and fireworks.
  6. Any weapons that look like they could possibly be dangerous in any way must be peace-bonded at info desk.
  7. Don’t aim weapons at people without their consent. If you’re posing for a photo, try aiming them skywards.
  8. Don’t fire loaded, functioning projectile weapons outside of event-organised weapon-play sessions - this includes NERF guns, water pistols, silly-string guns, ping-pong pistols and more.
  9. No play-fighting with prop weapons outside of event-organised weapon-play sessions.

Cosplay contest

All attendees will get five “awesome cosplay!” tokens included in their goody bags. Please give a token to someone whose cosplay you like!

If you collect more than fifteen tokens, you’ve won a prize! Come to the Info Desk anytime, and exchange your tokens for a prize.

Also, kids in cosplay (all under 12s, plus under 16s who self-identify as kids for the purposes of this contest) get a prize simply for cosplaying. Just come to the Info Desk with your adult, in your cosplay.