About Nine Worlds 2015

Image by Paul Clarke from Nine Worlds 2015

Nine Worlds 2015 ran from the 7th to the 9th of August at the Radisson Blu Heathrow, near London, with 357 sessions in 35 tracks over three days. The hotel was packed with attendees enjoying parties, panels, talks, concerts, demonstrations, games, swordplay classes, tastings, workshops and competitions. This page gathers together coverage, reports and media from the convention to give a feel for the event.

Photo Round Up

A selection of photographs taken at Nine Worlds 2015 by the official photographer, Paul Clarke...

Posted by Nine Worlds GeekFest on Saturday, 15 August 2015

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Full Nine Worlds 2015 Schedule
2015 Convention Booklet (.pdf)
2015 track pages
2015 guest profiles
Download the #NaNoSessionMo novel: The Phantom Of The Space Opera

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Official Nine Worlds 2015 albums on Facebook
The #nineworlds hashtag on Twitter
Time-lapse of dismantling the Nine Worlds 2015 stage tech rig
Fanworks connected to or written at Nine Worlds (including Writing Date)
Bifrost YouTube playlist

Convention content

Gemma Thompson's Metro Systems in Games Talk
Hammered Horror's Nine Worlds 2015 - Little Shop of Horrors Trailer Reel
Trash Goblins: an RPG made at Nine Worlds 2015

Podcasts recorded at NineWorlds

Fangirl Happy Hour Episode 19
Zombies, Run! Panel
The Geek Night In
Starburst Bookworm Podcast - Season 3 Episode 32
Nerd vs World Episode 50
Nerd vs Word Episode 51

Blog Posts & Roundups

Alasdair Stuart - How To Break Into Comics panel
Anne Lyle
A Shiny World: Dancing In Rain
Bastian Balthasar
Beyond The Binary: Enby goes to Nine Worlds
Oxford Dictionaries: Words from Nine Worlds – one year on
Zombies, Run!
The Lazy Knitter's Blog
Centrum Lumina
Comics Alliance: What other conventions can learn from London's Nine Worlds Geekfest (and what Nine Worlds can still do better)
Cubik's Rube
Cultured Vultures
Culture Scouse
Culture Shock and Writer's Block
Danie Ware
David Tallerman - Pt. 1: Very good indeed
David Tallerman - Pt 2: Not so good
Down The Tubes
Emeline Pui Ling Dobson: costumes and cosplayers
Emeline Pui Ling Dobson: how sword fights work
Fantasy Faction
Gav Thorpe
Geek Syndicate event review
Guy Haley
John Allen
Jaime Lannister
Jane Hanmer
Mark Cantrell
K R Green
L M Myles
Magic Sky Lady
Michael Duxbury
Adrian Tchaikovsky
Laura Lam
Titan Books
Vanessa Thompsett
British Science Fiction Association
Department V
Fox Spirit
Gareth L Powell
Hammered Horror
Kate Griffin
Mike Brooks: Friday
Mike Brooks: Saturday
Mike Brooks: Sunday
MillyMollyMo: A not-so-pocket guide to Nine Worlds pt. 1
MillyMollyMo: A not-so-pocket guide to Nine Worlds pt. 2
MillyMollyMo: A knapsack full of Nine Worlds
Nesta - Jessica Blair
Nick Bryan
Mark Cantrell
Raygun Gothic
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Network: an interview with Erich Schultz - Nine Worlds' origins
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Network: Future Worlds at Nine Worlds 2015
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Network: Geek Feminism track organiser interview
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Network: Overview of Nine Worlds Geekfest 2015
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Network: Entertainment at Nine Worlds Geekfest 2015
Sue Tingey
TimeOut London
Tor Books
Ani Fest
United Response
Wholly On The Level
Women Shift Digital

Video Roundups

Claire Rousseau
Claire Rousseau - Book Haul Vlog
EK McAlpine
Alexander Jahans
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Network in conversation with Gareth L Powell
Time-lapse of dismantling the Nine Worlds 2015 stage tech rig

Web comics

So, You're a Cartoonist? - Red Means No

So, You're a Cartoonist? - Best Con Ever

Thanks to Paul Clarke Photography for our official Nine Worlds 2015 photos.