Kids' Programme

We've programme content especially for kids to enjoy with their families: from writing workshops to making comics to collaborative storytelling to yarn crafts. Here's the full list.

As well as these programme items, we'll have a kid-friendly area set up in the main central Atrium, and running all weekend. We'll have crafty materials, games, storytelling, and lots more: the idea is that kids can enjoy it, and their adults can supervise while still getting to socialise. Look for the are with the big brightly-coloured beanbags.

There's also private child minding available from Event Childcare who will provide parents with an ad hoc child minding service. Advance bookings are recommended to ensure availability. Call Aimee Wiggins at Events Childcare on 07557 043736 to discuss rates and availability.

One-Off Centrally Organised Things

Writing Workshop - for ages 8-11 with Quen Took
Saturday, 1.30pm
Room 30
Small-group creative writing workshops in which people aged 8-11 can experiment with storytelling. We'll begin by writing a short story as a group, with each person adding to the story as we go along. Participants will then be encouraged to work either in groups or individually to write their own flash fiction, with support from the group leader and small prizes for the best work.

Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyre: CAKES IN SPACE!
Sunday, 11.45am - 1.00pm
Room 38
Robots! Spaceships! Killer Cupcakes! Batty Battenbergs! Explore the furthest reaches of storytelling and drawing with this space-suited dream team!
The bestselling authors of Oliver and the Seawigs turn their attention to outer space in their new book CAKES IN SPACE. Grab your pencil and get set for zany adventure, in this stage show / creative masterclass / collaborative singing / storytelling spectacular! #CakesinSpace

Model Making with Kerry Dyer
Sunday, 1.30pm - 2.45pm
Room 42
Join animator and model-maker Kerry Dyer for a masterclass in model-creating. Kerry will share her animation secrets, and guide kids and their adults through creating their own. Materials provided, and everyone is welcome!

Pyjama Drama: Events All Weekend

Geeky-themed drama and play sessions for kids (aged 2-5, and 6-10) all weekend, run by Amy of Pyjama Drama in Milton Keynes. There'll be drama, movement, music and play, to help kids explore, and make sense of, their world. Fandoms include Doctor Who, Hogwarts, space, and The Gruffalo.

All in Room 42. PLEASE NOTE: Room 42 isn't wheelchair-accessible, and we've scheduled these here as, having asked online, we're not yet aware of any wheelchair-using kids or parents/guardians attending the con. If you're a wheelchair-using parent or guardian, or the adult of a wheelchair-using kid, please come and see us on the info desk, and we'll sort out moving sessions. (We're having to use Room 42 as we've completely filled our other spaces!)


Pyjama Drama presents: The Gruffalo at the Dentist
10am, for 2-5 year olds
It's hard being scary when you've got a poorly pain and the Gruffalo knows all about that - he's woken up with the most terrible toothache! Will he ever be scary again? A creative play session for 2-5 year olds who want to get "in" to their favourite stories.

Pyjama Drama presents: Calling Planet Earth
5pm, for 6-10 year olds
It's time to find a new home for your family, but when the nearest planet is a trillion miles away and covered in litter, what do you do? A session for 6-10 year olds to use their dramatic skills to explore a story.


Pyjama Drama presents: Dalek Disaster!
10am, for 2-5 year olds
The Doctor has finally managed to bring peace to the universe, but those dastardly Daleks are up to their old tricks again! Can you help The Doctor save the day? A creative play session for 2-5 year olds who want to bring their favourites to life.

Pyjama Drama presents: The Doctor's Lodge
5pm, for 6-10 year olds
The Doctor has come across many places in his lifetimes, but this strange, empty house can't be what it seems... Will your Sonic Screwdriver be the final piece of the puzzle? A session for 6-10 year olds to use their dramatic skills to explore a story.


Pyjama Drama presents The Preschool Triwizard Tournament
10am, for 2-5 year olds
It's the final of the Triwizard tournament for preschoolers - who knows what's around the next corner! Who will be crowned the winner? A creative play session for 2-5 year olds with bursting imaginations.

Hogwarts Farewell
3.15pm, for 6-10 year olds
Everyone loves Professor Picklenose - he's the best Potion Master the school has ever seen! But what happens when he makes a surprise announcement? A session for 6-10 year olds to use their dramatic skills to explore a story.

Events Run By Tracks

The majority of our content is suitable for kids (unless it's marked as 16+ or 18+), and the following are especially designed to be enjoyed by families together.


Cosplay Beyond
Room 32, Friday, 11.45am
Introduction to Ickiness: Basic Wounds Workshop One - Bruises and Superficial Cuts (PG: fake blood)
After a short demo explaining the theory, everyone can have a go, with advice along the way on bringing realism to your work.

Space, Ships and Steampunk
1.30pm - 2.45pm, Room 12
Build Your Own Spectroscope
Spectroscopes are vital in studying astronomical phenomena. In this interactive workshop, we'll build our own spectroscopes, play with discharge tubes, and learn about how astronomers can study the composition of distant astronomical bodies.


Cosplay Beyond
Royal B, Saturday, 11.45am
Introduction to Ickiness: Basic Wounds Workshop Two - Burns and Bruises (PG: fake blood)
After a short demo explaining the theory, everyone can have a go, with advice along the way on bringing realism to your work.

1:30-2:45, Room 40
Super Speedy Yarn Crafts
Projects using needles, hooks, yarn and an hour
Finish a selection of projects within this hour long session and take your completed project home with you. Projects range from pom poms to granny squares to baby squid monsters. This session is kid-friendly and some of the projects can be easily picked up by non-crafters.

1.30 - 2.45, Room 12
Punk your Nerf
Nerf Guns are a great steampunk accessory. This session will give you some hints and tips on how to take a toy, and with a few easy steps, turn it into a Steampunk weapon and accessory. There will be time to show you how to run a Steampunk Shoot out and join in a Steamwestern Shoot out.

Comics Track
3.15pm - 4.30pm, Royal A
Making Comics; workshop for kids (and their adults)
Turning concepts into scripts into pages into pantheons- bring your characters, your ideas, your total lack of experience and/or buckets of enthusiasm, we'll supply pens, paper and helping hands.


10.00-11.15, County B
Fanfic for Kids: what happens next? Making up your own stories
A reprise of last year's successful discussion and workshop centred on fanfiction for pre-teens. What happens next? (Futurefic.) What if a character from this film met a character from that book? (Crossovers.) What would this hero be doing if they'd been born in the contemporary, mundane world? (AUs.) Many pre-teens also want to read fanfiction: we'll discuss the best and safest sites for them to visit.

Creative Writing
10.00am - 11.15am, County A
Battle Rapping Monsters
Create your own monster and send them to rap battle against others! A writing and performance workshop, suitable for 11+.