About Nine Worlds 2014

Nine Worlds 2014 ran from the 8th to the 10th of August at the Radisson Blu Heathrow, near London, with 330 sessions in 30 tracks over three days. The hotel was packed with attendees enjoying three days of parties, panels, talks, concerts, demonstrations, games, swordplay classes, tastings, workshops and competitions. To find out what people thought, we put together a feedback report. There are also many reports from elsewhere that we've gathered in one place for information:

Media coverage

Blog posts about Nine Worlds

On-site resources for Nine Worlds 2014

The final schedule
Track information, including evening entertainments, signings and children's track
Guest listings
The convention booklet
Charity sponsor information
Recommended reading from the ALL OF THE BOOKS sessions

Off-site resources for Nine Worlds 2014

Photos taken at Nine Worlds 2014 by the official photographer
The Oxford English Dictionary find new words
Fanfic recommendations from the notice board
Vidshow listings for Nine Worlds
Nine Fanwork recommendations
One hour corset notes
Mental illness primer for SF writers by Tade Thompson, a 7 part guide
Advice for independent projects by tkingdoll, part 1: crowdfunding rewards
A tumblr of the collected 'Geek culture needs feminism because...' photographs
Podcasting panel covered by Alasdair Stuart
Writing the Other - things not to do, by Stephanie Saulter
New Voices author list
Here are the fanfic vids we played at the welcome party / games night on Thursday night
Feminist solidarity manifesto, from discussion at Nine Worlds
The Call of Cthulhu session at Nine Worlds
Positive, mixed, negative portrayals of LGBTQI characters in SFF
Slides from the Monsterclass on post-colonial SF by Fabio Fernandes
Following the fireside chat at Nine Worlds, Cara Ellison has put together a Spotify writing playlist

Social media coverage of Nine Worlds

Our Storify collection of tweets about Nine Worlds
Anne Smart's Storify, more focused on the books track
A Storify of the VG Culture track
The #nineworlds hashtag on Twitter
Flickr photos tagged with #nineworlds
Instagram photos tagged with #nineworlds

Podcasts recorded at Nine Worlds

Our podcast channel includes four podcasts recorded at Nine Worlds
An interview with one of our organisers, by Wonky Spanner
Starburst Bookworm podcast
Not a Game 53: the Sexy Apocalypse

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Email any missing coverage to coverage@nineworlds.co.uk and we'll add it in. We'll also make the whole thing look a bit nicer once we've woken up from the post-convention sleep period.