Guillermo Ortego

Born and raised in Madrid and currently living in London, Guillermo Ortego broke into Marvel Comics alongside Paco Díaz on titles such as Wolverine Vs. Thor, Dark Wolverine or Wolverine: Mr. X. Then off to DC Comics with Green Arrow and JLA 80 Page Giant and back to Marvel with Italian artist Emanuela Lupacchino on Peter David’s X-Factor.
After a successful year run on the book, they were put in charge of Marvel’s second graphic novel based on ABC's TV show Castle, with Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly-Sue DeConnick on the script. Once it was released in October 2012, they started working for Valiant Comics’ recently re-launched Archer & Armstrong.
His most recent work includes DC Comics’ Green Lantern #19 and Worlds’ Finest #15 as well as monthly covers for Dynamite Comics with Indonesian penciller Ardian Syaf.