Split Worlds (interactive story/game)

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Come into the Split Worlds…

Dynastic families feud across the ages, furthering the agendas of their supernatural patrons.

Innocents are protected by monsters and the beautiful ones are not what they seem.

Come into the Split Worlds and experience the blurring between the magical and the mundane…

What are the Split Worlds?

The Split Worlds is an urban fantasy setting with a dash of noir, fantastical magic, evil faeries and people just trying to drink their tea in peace. You can explore it via the novels being published by Angry Robot Books, the online short stories, or via a variety of real world games and events - of which this is the first!

Come and be part of the story!

What's the story?

A couple of ordinary humans* have stumbled across the hidden magics that hide beneath the surface of the mundane world. They've decided to find other people like them, to band together and investigate.

They've discovered evidence that something bad is going to happen at Nine Worlds. They plan to find out what it is, and stop it.

They need your help.

*If you like, you can read their story so far here, here, here, and here.

Sounds intriguing. How will it work?

You will be the heroes of a Split Worlds story happening live in the real world. You will be investigating a mystery, undertaking live challenges, and interacting with Split Worlds characters.

After it's all over, Emma will write the whole thing up into a Split Worlds short story - so you will become part of Split Worlds canon!

This is not a fixed-session event - it's going to run in the background of Nine Worlds. Over the course of the weekend, there will be various happenings, scenes, and tasks. Some of these you will know about in advance, so you can plan your strategy; others will reveal themselves as you progress.

We know there'll be tons you want to do at Nine Worlds, so the timing of events will be as flexible as we can manage, so that you don't have to miss other events to take part. Any events which do have a fixed time, we'll aim to schedule for the breaks between sessions.

Also, every time something happens, or there are new clues or tasks, we'll be a) texting you and b) updating a central in-character website, so that you will always be able to keep up with the story, however busy your schedule is.

We know that it can be hard to get a decent internet connection at a con, so we'll also have an actual physical noticeboard in a sekrit location where you can read the same information, leave messages for each other, etc.

I haven't read the Split Worlds, though...

That's no problem. You don't need to know anything at all about the Split Worlds to take part in this.

I wanna play!

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I have questions!

Email us! splitworlds@nineworlds.co.uk.