Indie Comics

Nine Worlds presents the coolest in alternative, small press, and self-published comics. Check out our panels on comic creation and the industry, join conversations with some of the UK's top comics artists, and check out their work at our pop-up artists' and authors' market, 3-5pm Saturday and Sunday.


Men! Muscles, Machismo and Methodology: four generations of male comics creators discuss their experiences
with Mark Stafford, Grant Perkins, Geoff Banyard, Jonny Riordan, Dan Boultwood, Alan Mitchell and David Leach. Friday 5pm, Somerset Room.

Sexism In Comics: is it still an issue? For who? How do we get past it?
Speakers tbc. Friday 6.45pm, Lancaster Room.

Women: know your place! Four generations of female comics creators discuss their experiences
with Jessica Kemp, Jessica Martin, Jessica Station and Kerensa Bryant. Friday 8.30pm, Somerset Room.

Who'd want to work in comics? Artists, writers and creators discuss career longevity in the comics industry
Speakers tbc. Saturday 6.45pm, Lancaster Room.


The Men Who Laughed
David Hine and Mark Stafford in conversation. Saturday 10am, Nimrod Room.

Boultwood Rides Again
Dan Boultwood in conversation. Saturday 10am, Lancaster Room.

"Comics", not "Comics!"
David Leach on humour in comics. Saturday 1.30pm, Lancaster Room.

"Fabry", not "Fabrey", and other Ruttles songs
Glenn Fabry in conversation. Saturday 1.30pm, Nimrod Room.

Comic Book Design
- and much more: Rian Hughes in conversation. Saturday 5pm, Lancaster Room.

Comic Book Babylon
Tim Plicher discusses his upcoming publication and how it came about. Saturday 5pm, Nimrod Room.

Crowd Source Funding for Comics
with Tim Pilcher. Saturday 8.30pm, Nimrod Room.