Panellists and Volunteers Wanted!

We are in the final throes of programming for this year, with full programs in every content group. This is an incredibly exciting point to have arrived at, and is the result of a lot of hard work by a lot of wonderful people - both organisers and guests. While we are no longer accepting session proposals, if you were thinking about getting involved and worry that you missed your chance, we may still have room for you, as we are seeking extra panellists on the following sessions. Some of the sessions are only seeking people from specific identity groups - this is done on a self identification basis. If you are interested in speaking as part of any of the sessions listed, please get in touch with us by emailing the content groups responsible. When you do, let us know what session(s) you'd like to be involved with and what sessions (if any) you're already involved with.

Sessions requiring panellists:

Academia and Humanities - contact :

  • Transformative Shakespeare: Fanfiction & Beyond
    The works of Shakespeare are fundamentally transformative – he transforms us as we transform the plays. The flexibility of Shakespeare combined with his understanding for deep human truths has fired the imagination for 400 years. We will discuss how directors have brought us to reflect on our times, our politics, our history, our cultural assumptions (gender, race, sexuality and more) by their choices - for example, by casting women in traditionally male parts, setting plays in non-Western environments etc. We will also explore how writers have been inspired to extend the plays and the relationship between fanfiction and works like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead.
    This panel is seeking POC and anyone else interested in talking about transformative Shakespeare.

Living Words - contact :

All of our current gaps in this group are for comics content, which is being organised by Alasdair.

  • Doctor Who comics
    Living Words are looking for a Doctor Who fan to join a panel discussion about Doctor Who comics new and old. Specifically, we're looking to hear from any women, nonbinary people, LGBTQIA+ people and People of Colour interested in taking part.

  • Splash pages
    We're also looking for LGBTQIA+ people for one of our Splash Page events. These are short 'TED' style talks about a particular subject. So, if you're an LGBTQIA+ person who'd like to talk about your favorite comic or comic characters for ten minutes please get in touch.

  • Webcomic or indie comic creators
    Finally, if you're a webcomic or indie comic creator we would love to hear from you. Our Webvengers Assemble event is a workshop/summit intended for indie comic creators to share tips and tricks with each other and an audience. If you're interested, let us know.

Tech For People - contact :

  • Recreating ourselves with stories
    New kinds of stories, new kinds of people: can new technologies help us imagine new politics of identity? An often raised (and criticised) point that the explosive popularity of the novel coincided with the emergence of universal human rights; those in power were exposed to the fact that humans unlike them- women, people of colour, white men who just didn't happen to own land- had full internal lives, worthy of dignity and rights. Are new kinds of immersive, interactive storytelling platforms -VR, AR, games which engage with complex ideas in their mechanics as much as their writing- are we writing new kinds of identities? Opening up routes to new politics? Should be a broad sprawling chat with an anthropologist, journalist, game developer about how we talk about ourselves and our experiences, and can maybe write optimistic stories about a more fluid, connected, accepting world.
    This panel is seeking a journalist. The session runners would especially like to hear from LGBTQIA+, female and/or PoC journalists.

Volunteering for Nine Worlds

In addition to seeking speakers, we are also looking for extra volunteers for our tech, volunteer corp and expo teams.

Expo Team - contact

Would you like free entry to the expo and a lovely goody bag full of stuff? We're looking for people to take day shifts on each day our vendors hall is open - Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Tasks include stewarding, directing exhibitors, and staffing the cloakroom. Give us a shout on if you're interested!

Tech Team - contact

Tech are looking for part time volunteers who are willing to help them handle various jobs around the con. You don't have to be a skilled and trained tech person - the tech team leaders are happy to accommodate learning curves and will explain how to do the things they need help with.

What they really need are more hands on deck (and you don't even need two of them to get on board) - impairments and disabilities are taken into account and are in no way a reason you would be excluded. If you can lift heavy things, that's fab, if you can't, there are other tasks you can do.

Tasks that tech need help with include:

  • troubleshooting laptops,
  • carrying and sorting equipment,
  • running cables,
  • putting together the staging in the main hall,
  • and unpacking the tech lorry.

You can volunteer on the day, but if you want to join the Black Coats ahead of the con, get in touch.

Volunteer Team - contact

The volunteer team are always looking for more helpers - like the tech team, you can volunteer at any point during the con, but if you'd like to let them know when you're free in advance then get in touch with them.