First Bifröst performers announced!

Photo from Nine Worlds 2015 by Paul Clarke

Bifröst is back and it's bigger and better than ever. Bringing you dexterous dancers, marvellous magicians, commendable comedians, delightful DJs, peerless poets and a congenial compère. Join us for our community cabaret and disco, you won't regret it.

Jade - compère

Jade, AKA the Oxford English Fangeek, is trans, nonbinary, neurodivergent, a voracious consumer of fanfic, a habitual tumblr dweller, occasional podcast contributor, casual cosplayer and an unrepentant theatre nerd. Currently working in administration as they have yet to find a way to make geeking out pay the bills, Jade is an aspiring actor and play/screenwriter and as such spends a lot of time trying to do am-dram and staring at gdocs willing things to happen. Their goals include: write a play, create and star in a sitcom, act/perform with Lin Manuel Miranda & to play the Doctor.

Jade is hosting the BiFrost Cabaret this year.

Alex Watts

Alex is a stand up comedian, actor, writer, and story teller. He's had one critically acclaimed Edinburgh Show, and was part of the duo, Ward and Watts. Watts has been described as "think David Tenant in ‘Doctor Who’ assured, funny and intelligent bookworm", and "original, witty and often surprisingly poignant". He's had 5 Stars from Broadway Baby, 4 Stars from Three Weeks, and 4 stars from TV Bomb, whoever they are. Alex will be joining us to round off the cabaret with some stories, some chat, and homophones.

Ruth Pearce

Ruth is a trans feminist DJ, specialising in genre-bending rock and pop sets that bring together classic tunes with contemporary hits. She has a soft spot for geeky interludes, including references to sci-fi and fantasy TV shows and movies. Ruth has previously performed DJ sets at LGBT+, feminist and/or rock nights up and down the country, including Nine Worlds, Queer Fest Leeds and a number of Reclaim The Night after parties. In particular, she has been involved in organising and performing at queer rock club night Killer Queen and riot grrrl event Revolt! in Coventry.

Ruth also plays bass and/or shouts in a number of punk and metal bands, including Not Right, Dispute Settlement Mechanism and Abandoned Life.

Update: We have now announced the second wave of Bifröst acts.