Call for Submissions: Gaming

Note - calls for participation in Nine Worlds 2016 are closed. This page does not represent the convention's current status, but has been preserved for reference.

The Gaming content group covers play and playful thinking, be it digital, physical, tabletop or inbetween. We come in two parts, but pitch about anything games, and we’ll sort it out!

Our Video Games half is interested in the impact of video games on any and all avenues of life. How they’re evolving, how diversity, representation and accessibility are being tackled (or not) by creators and communities, and what video games really mean - to us, and to you. We’re keen to cover wide ground, rather than a specific series or franchise, but don’t be afraid to make your case if that’s what you’d like to talk about!

The Cardboard and Tabletop side of us are looking for new voices and unexpected takes on the world of tabletop, social, LARP, role playing and any other flavour of non-virtual gaming.

Last year we ran the Nine Dice games lounge, and don’t worry, that will be returning! This year though we also want to branch out to fill more rooms with diverse, inclusive takes on physical, face-to-face play and gaming.

So what would you talk about? Whose voice do you think we need to hear? How can you help make Nine Worlds an even more playful place than last year?

We’re looking for one hour sessions of presentations, talks, panels and workshops. We’ll help you prepare and run them from start to finish.

We want to know two things: what you want to bring to Nine Worlds, and what you need to make your ideas work.

Never run a panel before? Don’t worry! You don’t need to have ever been in charge of (or involved with) a talk, panel or workshop before. We’ll help you with setting up and running your session(s) from start to finish. All you need is an idea for what you’d like to run, and we’ll help you turn it into something awesome.

We do have one rule - all sessions should keep diversity and safe spaces in mind. Discussions of oppression are subject to the “nothing about us without us” rule: white people leading discussions on race or men heading the charge on sexism won’t fly, for example. Content warnings will need to be provided if you plan to cover potentially triggering or harmful topics, so we can let audiences know what they’re in for in advance.

Access adjustments will be made if you need them - please don’t hesitate to ask. A small number of day passes to the convention are only available for no cost to people who would otherwise be unable to give a session. These will be allocated on the basis of encouraging diverse voices leading talks.

Contact us at with your session suggestions (just a line will do, but try not to go overboard!). If you’re not ready to pitch just yet, you can also send us any questions you have about submitting!