Programme Update: The Wireless Theatre Company

We're very excited to be joined by the Wireless Theatre Company, who specialise in creating original, exciting radio theatre productions, both for existing radio lovers and for the 'Facebook Generation'. They'll be speaking on writing, directing and producing radio for the Creative Writing track, and on Spring-Heeled Jack, the subject of their best-known radio series, as part of the Skepticism track.

In Conversation With The Wireless Theatre Company

The Wireless Theatre Company will explore how to write, direct and produce radio for the 21st Century, sharing thoughts on their own experiential approaches to the medium, how it relates to their SF output, and how they develop new talent and attract established names in the independent audio world.

The Wireless Theatre Company and Spring-Heeled Jack

Spring-Heeled Jack; the infamous Terror of London and currently the subject of Wireless Theatre's most popular, multi-award-winning online radio series. Who was Springheel Jack? Why is he enjoying something of a cultural comeback? And how did Wireless Theatre dramatise a near-forgotten legend?


The Wireless Theatre Company exists to keep audio theatre alive and well by creating original, exciting radio productions - both for existing radio lovers and for the 'Facebook Generation'. They create a platform for fresh new writers, showcase up-and-coming acting talent, and explore interesting new ways of producing audio theatre. With modern technology and the internet, the future for radio drama looks bright! All their original audio downloads are written, cast, directed, produced and edited by their large, enthusiastic and talented team and although they are based in central London, their writers are from all over the world.

Since their launch in 2007, Wireless Theatre have won five prestigious awards: Best Radio Drama Producer - Fringe Report Awards 2009, Best Entertainment Producer, Best Online Multi Platform Creator - Radio Academy Awards 2011, Mark Time Ogle Award for Best Horror/Fantasy Audio, 2012, and they featured in Radio Drama Reviews Top Best 20 Productions of 2012); recorded over one hundred and thirty original audio productions; and worked with over two hundred actors, fifteen directors, five producers and eight editors. They have also launched Wireless Theatre LIVE - performing live recordings in front of a studio audience, and launched in December 2010, bringing radio drama to children and schools.