Day tickets now available

Roll up! Roll up! We've released day tickets for Saturday and Sunday at Nine Worlds. 24 hours of fun await those brave souls who dare venture into our Worlds of Mystery. Alternatively, you can read the draft programme and completely dispel any confusion about what's on. The second draft will be out in a few days, with new tracks including role play, LARP and more partying. Come and get your tickets now!

Some quick answers about day tickets:

  • Is a particular guest / session guaranteed to be on a particular day?
    Nope. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that a guest won't ask to come on a different day, or they may encounter Life Stuff and have to cancel. We're going to work really hard to keep things on the day they're listed for though.
  • Why aren't day tickets available for Friday?
    It's a shorter day, and we think it's nice to keep it especially for people who get the full weekend ticket. If you really can't live without coming on Friday then contact our tickets organiser.
  • Can I still stay on site?
    You can book a room, although you will be unable to attend content on the day you don't have a ticket for.
  • Can I upgrade to a full weekend ticket?
    Maybe. We're still looking at this.