Programme Update: Doctor Who and Torchwood

To celebrate the 50th anniversary year of the Doctor, we're planning discussions, showings, panels, and one or two surprises. Join our team of writers, critics and geeks to discuss all things Who, including religion, racism, villains, the Classic series, spin-offs, and of course the age old question: 14-foot long scarf, converse and pinstripes, or bow-tie and fez? Check out the track page for the full list of sessions and guests, and hope to see you there!

Writing Doctor Who and Torchwood
Doctor Who: The Future (... Spoilers!)
Interview with Kai Owen - Torchwood's Rhys Williams
Discussing Religion and Doctor Who: Faith, Science Fiction and Academic Research (hosted by the Academia track)
Doctor Who: RTD vs Moffatt
Big Finish: The Audio Series
Doctor Who: The Ones You Love To Hate
Is Doctor Who "Thunderingly Racist"?
Torchwood: Doctor Who Goes Sexy
The Sarah Jane Adventures: Spinoff Success
Doctor Who: My Best Friend