Programme Update: Video Games Culture

Video games are an incredible, evolving art form which offer emotional attachment, moral exploration and team building like no other medium. Join guests including Rhianna Pratchett, Cara Ellison and James Swallow to discuss video game culture and community, game development, story, and lots more. Check out the main track page for full descriptions, and join the conversation on twitter - see you there!

Games For Us: The Rise of LGBT and Feminist Indie Gaming - Crossed with Queer Fandom
Video games offer the potential to create and explore an infinite range of worlds, stories and characters and independent developers are taking advantage of increasingly accessible technology to present games that challenge our assumptions. Come and hear from the people who make and play games that deal with gender and sexuality, and bring your questions and recommendations to share with the audience.

Indie War Stories
War is hell. And so is making games, depending on who you ask. But does it have to be? Join our indie developers to hear some of the do's and don't's for making a game and staying sane whilst doing so!

Script Writing For Games
Unlike other formats, gaming involves a relationship with the player, and a script has to allow for this additional 'character'. James Swallow, one of the writers for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is joined by other writers to discuss the unique format and challenges of script writing for games.

Gender Representation in Games
From space marines in power armour to chain mail bikinis, gender representation in games is known for lacking diversity. Come for an overview of the good, the bad and the interesting when it comes to gender views.

Difficulty In Games: a barrier to art?
As games evolve, we're seeing more effort being put into story, character design and artwork but what good is that if a player gets frustrated with the challenge and gives up half way through? Should it be possible for anyone to see all of the game, regardless of skill, or is the challenge an inherent part of the game's experience?

Making Your First Game
So you've been hearing about all the interesting places game culture is set to go the entire weekend and you want to do your bit to guide it, but where do you start?

Getting Into the Industry
So you've made a game. To find out about where to go from here, come listen to our panelists talk about the routes they took to get into the games industry.

Developers as Curators
Well, your game's out there in the ever expanding market place. Everyone thinks it's a great game, but how do you get more people playing it? Should successful indie developers be promoting up and coming games, or does this put to much responsibility on them?

By the Fireside - with Rhianna Pratchett and Cara Ellison
After a long weekend of game culture discourse, come and unwind by the fireplace as Cara and Rhianna talk about...whatever they want to, really.