Programme Update: Game of Thrones / A Song Of Ice And Fire

We're very excited to be hosting a full track on Game of Thrones / A Song Of Ice And Fire - this track will celebrate both the books and the TV series, with workshops, gaming, discussions and lots more, and the session descriptions include content warnings and spoiler warnings, so you can take part even if you're halfway through the books! Check out full details on the track page, follow the track on Twitter and Tumblr, and remember that tickets are just £75 for the whole weekend until May 31st, so sign up quickly - Winter Is Coming!

Sigil Designing Workshop – design your own sigil and house words to decorate the walls of our dedicated Game of Thrones space at NineWorlds! Child-friendly.
Don’t Fight For Honour, Don’t Fight For Glory – a lively debate on our favourite houses, to get us in the mood for the weekend!
Game of Fun! – end the day with sessions of the board game or play the card game.

Maiden, Mother, Crone – From Arya to Yara and back again, Game of Thrones has a host of unique and varied female characters – something of a rarity in fantasy TV shows! This will be a discussion on the women of Westeros and the Free Cities.
Some Place Even Renly Never Found – a talk about sexuality in the ASOIAF books, the good, the bad and the problematic.
Beneath The Heart Tree or In The Sept – a light-hearted look at vows and the people who make them and break them.
The Mummers Show – a chance for soft roleplay between ASOIAF characters.
Why That Character Isn’t As Bad As You Think – Just who are the bad guys in these books? This session gives us a chance to discuss the challenge of POV narration in a morally grey universe, and offers an opportunity for fans of misunderstood characters to talk about their favourites.
Knowledge Is Power – Able to quote every one of Tyrion’s witticisms by heart? Certain you know the names of Dany’s dragons? Then end the day with a pub quiz style trivia session on the Game of Thrones TV show. The prize isn’t quite the Iron Throne, but it’s still worth fighting for!

Warrior Women And The Armour of Courtesy – Arya, Asha and Brienne, Cersei, Sansa and Dany – each have different ways of negotiating the world GRRM has written for them. Let’s explore the women of the books in all their glory!
Tears Aren’t A Woman’s Only Weapon – a talk and discussion on sex work in Westeros.
You Will Train Them Yourselves – light-hearted chat about the animals we love whether its That Bear or Dany’s dragons. Suitable for everyone!
I’ve Been On Trial My Whole Life – it won’t escape the notice of even the most casual reader or viewer that Game of Thrones and ASOIAF have a very high count of characters with disabilities – amputees, characters with mobility impairments, mental health problems and dwarfism all feature prominently. This will be a panel discussion of both character and fan attitudes to these characters, focusing on both portrayals in the books and the show, with guest panellist Kiruna Stamell .
There Are No True Knights – a discussion of the men of Game of Thrones, from those who win wars with words to the ones who are very good at hitting things with swords, and the all the ones in between!
The Fat Lord – ever noticed that Sam Tarly, Lord Manderly and Magister Ilyrio’s waistlines are referenced in every other sentence? We’ll be talking about size, villainy and effeminacy in George RR Martin’s characters.
Dead Wrong/You Never Saw The Steel Underneath – the mischaracterisation of dead characters, with a focus on Joanna Lannister and Lyanna Stark.
The Women Are The Wronged Ones Truly – exploring the treatment of Catelyn Stark and Cersei Lannister in their translation from page to show.
Your Ship Isn’t My Ship, But That’s Okay – a discussion on shipping, ship-shaming and interesting pairings in the ASOIAF/Game of Thrones fandoms.

Check out full details, including spoiler warnings and content warnings, on the track page, and hope to see you there!