Programme Update: Queer Track

The Nine Worlds queer track will be a comprehensive, intersectional exploration of queer themes and characters throughout SFF media and fandom, with discussions, workshops, talks and socials covering all things queer and geeky. Expect discussions of everything from explorations of sexuality and gender in science fiction, to queer representation (or lack thereof) in your favourite fandoms, to the role of fandom itself in queering media and culture.

Check out the full programme here, and join the conversation via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr for track updates and discussions, and loads of queer geeky joy!

Tickets for the whole weekend are £75 until May 31st - we hope to see you there!

Workshop: Telling Our Own Stories
Queers Dig Time Lords Roundtable
Science Fiction Double Feature: Gender and Sexuality in SFF
Why is the Future so Binary?
Games For Us: The Rise of LGBT and Feminist Indie Gaming
Queering Comics
Better History = Better Fantasy: Writing Outside the Binary
Putting the Fem in Slash: Queer Female Visibility in Fanfic
Queer All The Things! Reclaiming Popular Narratives via Fanworks
New Goggles: Diversity in Steampunk
Kinda Gay: LGBT Representation In Genre TV
Nine Worlds Queer Cabaret & Disco