Valhalla - our backers who ask nothing

In the recently finished Kickstarter, we offered a reward tier for those who did not want tickets, but still wanted to show their support. By their sacrifice shall we know them:

  • Adam Dinwoodie
  • Adam Christopher
  • Ren Warom
  • David Matthewman
  • Paul Agapow
  • Katy McGilvray
  • Alex W.
  • Andrew O. Ellis
  • Roger Cooper
  • Bethan Griffiths
  • Dave Lally
  • Alex Gwilt-cox
  • Ray O'Mahony
  • Gregor Hutton
  • Linette Voller
  • Alexia Alexander Wight
  • Tasha Rivera
  • Laurie Marks
  • Justin Miller
  • Charlie Sangster
  • Dermot Canniffe
  • Hayley Marsden

This list is not final, as there are more who have yet to return their surveys. Thanks guys!