Xueting Christine Ni

Translator, writer, speaker of China

Xueting Christine Ni is a translator, writer and speaker of China. With a foot firmly lodged in both China and Britain, she seeks to use her unique insight to illuminate China’s emerging world of vibrant and exciting pop culture to the West, drawing connections with what people know and love. Since 2010, Xueting has become one of the foremost writers on Chinese culture and China's place in Western pop media. She continues with her literary translation of China to the West, with a mission to help improve understanding of Chinese culture and introduce it to new audiences. She has written, and presented publicly, on a diverse range of subjects, collaborating with film companies, tea merchants, theatres and festival organisers, including the Hugo Awards. She has produced a collection of educational articles, commentary and reviews, appearing in print and broadcast media, as a beacon for anyone interested in understanding China. Xueting has also translated manhua (Chinese comics) and poetry collections for publication in English, as well as a documentary on China's independent rock music scene. She currently lives in London, and regularly translates for independent authors as well as SF Comet.