Roleplay and Storytelling (with Storygasm)

Join Storygasm, the queer storytelling and roleplaying collective, to tell collaborative stories! We'll have open sessions in the bar every day, or join us for our Firefly or Buffy RPG.

Open storytelling
Ground Floor Bar, every day, 10am - 1pm
Storygasm is a queer storytelling and roleplaying collective! Come spend ten minutes to a couple of hours of your time with us telling your story. No prior experience necessary! Just come chat to us at any time and we'll help you tell a story of topic and length of your choosing. We'll help to keep the story going and provide cues to spark your imagination. All our games can be explained in a few minutes, with all the rules taking up less than half a sheet of paper. So if you've ever wanted to play an RPG but are put off by vast tomes and rules-lawyering, come check us out. We love to tell collaborative stories. We love to feed off each others ideas and reincorporate them into our own, so bring a couple of friends or we can hook you up with some new ones. Come say hello anytime for some no obligation storytelling, or just to chat about what we can do.

Firefly RPG: River's Absolution
Saturday 1.30pm - 4.30pm, room 42
There's a young lady on your boat with a mighty fine bounty on her head. Not all the crew agree, but it's time to take her in. Five men and a young woman hurtle through space towards a Core World maximum security facility. Come along and play one of these men, or River, and find out where River's absolution lies. No experience or pre-booking necessary.

Buffy RPG: Sunnydale High
Sunday 1.30pm - 4.30pm, room 40
Come play a Witch, Werewolf, Demon or Hunter! This will be our story about the messy lives of teenage monsters in a day in the life of Sunnydale High. We'll use the Monsterhearts game to recreate the adolescent relationships and dramas of a monster-filled High School! No experience or pre-booking necessary.