Join us for discussions on the practicalities of podcasting, and have a go at recording in our studio. The podcasting track is designed for people interested in podcasting and the power of new media. If you want to start a podcast and need some advice, or want you take your podcast to the next level, panellists will be sharing their knowledge to help you avoid the pitfalls. For some, podcasting is a hobby and a way to connect with people who share the same passion; for others; it is a business. Find out about the realities of podcasting and where it sits in the evolving media landscape. Discussions will be in Royal A, and the podcasting studio is Room 31.


During the convention, podcasters can book hourly slots in room 31, our podcasting studio, to record interviews and commentary about the event.


Finding Your Voice
10.00am - 11.15am, Royal A
Whether you want to find out more about podcasting in general, or you're thinking of starting your own podcast and want to peel back the skin and see what lies beneath, then this panel will be a great place to start. Join both seasoned and new podcasters as they discuss topics such as how to decide what your podcast will be about, who will be your audience, and how do you find, grow and, most importantly, keep that audience?
Speakers: Dave Probert, Emma Newman, Michaela Gray, AL Johnson, Dan Hart

Realities of Podcasting
11.45am - 1.00pm, Royal A
The panel will reveal some of the realities, both good and bad, that are faced by today's podcasters. We also look at why podcasts end, the mechanics of podcasting, how do you define a successful podcast and if you can make any money from doing it.
Speakers: Martyn Havell, Debbie Timmins, Sol Craighead Wheeler, Gillian Coyle, Alasdair Stuart


Democratisation of podcasting and new media
10.00am - 10.30am, Royal A
In this TED-style 20 minute talk, Dr Scott Grandison takes his audience on a journey through podcasting and associated new media, discussing their evolution and where their future may lead us.

The 1st Annual Podcaster Games
11.00am - 12.30am, Royal A
Two teams of podcasters go head to head in the ultimate battle of genre knowledge covering all things geek from films, TV, comics, books and much more. One team will emerge victorious and go home with the coveted trophy, while the others go home with nothing.
Players: Rebecca Duty, Ash Farbrother, Laura Kate, James Sims, Paul Heath, Lizbeth Myles
Gamers Masters: Gavin Jones, Dan Marshall


The Life and Times of a Podcaster
10am - 11.15am, Royal A
In this retrospective panel, podcasters talk about their overall experiences with podcasting, including how they got started, why they do it, and what they get from it personally.
Speakers: Nicolas Papaconstantinou, Rebecca Duty, Ed Fortune, Stephen Lacey, Phil Hobden, Alex Fitch

The Power of New Media
11.45am - 1.00pm
This interactive roundtable panel follows on from Saturday's talk about new media. Four podcasters will discuss and explore with the audience the growing power of new media and the rise of the everyman journalist.
Speakers: Barry Nugent, Emma Newman, Stephen Aryan, Scott Grandison