John J Johnston

Egyptologist, classicist and cultural historian

Freelance Egyptologist John J Johnston's research encompasses the reception of ancient Egypt in popular culture, the history of Egyptology, and mortuary archaeology of the Greek and Roman Periods. He has delivered lectures at major academic institutions including the British Museum, the British Film Institute, The Royal Observatory Greenwich, and the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. John has contributed to the BD/DVD releases of two gloriously restored Hammer mummy films and his introductory essay to the anthology Unearthed (Jurassic London, 2013) was shortlisted for a BSFA Award in 2014. The co-editor of several volumes relating to ancient Egypt, and a member of the Editorial Board of Egyptian Archaeology, John has contributed to a variety of academic and general publications in addition to writing widely on the history of Doctor Who. 2016 will mark his third year as a Nine Worlds guest where he will be discussing the classic Doctor Who serial, Pyramids of Mars (BBC, Paddy Russell, 1975).

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