Fabio Fernandes

SFF writer, translator: colonialism, steampunk

Fabio Fernandes is a SFF writer and translator living in São Paulo, Brazil. The two-time recipient of the Argos Award for Best Fiction (Brazil), Fernandes has several stories published in online venues around the world. He contributed to Steampunk Reloaded, Southern Weirdo: Reconstruction, and The Apex Book of World SF Vol. 2. He has also translated for the Brazilian Portuguese a number of classic SFF works, including A Clockwork Orange, Neuromancer, Snow Crash, Boneshaker, and many others. He has co-edited, with Djibril al-Ayad, We See a Different Frontier, an anthology of colonialism-themed speculative fiction. He is a member of the 2013 Clarion West Writers Workshop, and is currently writing his first novel in English.

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