Anna Caltabiano

teenage author of YA cyberpunk

Anna Caltabiano is a 17-year-old up-and-coming young adult author, who recently published her first book, “All That Is Red.” Her second book is set to be released next summer, the first book of a much-anticipated trilogy. In her books, articles, and media appearances, she continues to tackle everyday, but often painful, issues for teens.
Born in British Colonial Hong Kong and educated in Mandarin Chinese schools, Caltabiano was brought up speaking Japanese at home. In Palo Alto, surrounded by neighbors who are the pioneers of Google, Apple and Facebook, the desire to create the future clashes with the traditional-bound immigrant roots of many of its inhabitants. Having now spent much time in privileged suburban America, Caltabiano has always felt fascinated, but troubled, by her high school classmates’ personal struggles as they deal with the contradictions in their lives. The high schoolers themselves are a microcosm of the area–an eclectic mix; the offspring of ultra-wealthy Silicon Valley magnates, aspirational internet entrepreneurs, and Stanford philosophy professors. Her writing reflects her concerns for her generation as it seeks out salvation, meaning, and companionship in online communities, with pop culture as its only shared language.

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